Why Us?

Holo Impact, is a division of FluidCast Technologies, LLC located in Vancouver, Canada, San Jose, California and El Paso, Texas. FluidCast Technologies, LLC (Originally known as Gateways Media, Group, Inc; located in Beverly Hills, California),  founded more than thirty years ago.

Our team consists of experts in visual content creation spanning over three decades. Some of our prestigious clientele have included; Detroit Tigers, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, China Unicom, Flexco, US Air Force, GE, Northrop Grumman Pioneer, Texma Petrolium, Hewlett Packard and the US Army.

Some of the reasons why our clients choose us:


We ONLY utilize the highest quality engineers, software developers and content creators available. We never comprise in quality in the products we deliver to our clients. We have partnered with hundreds of companies to provide cutting edge holographic content, hardware and software solutions.

We create visually striking three dimensional hologram projects and offer a very wide array of commercial and artistic holography hardware and content production services.

Our Holographic services include Holograms & LED Matrix Displays. A dawn of a new age in advertising is now how with holographic LED matrix displays using our cloud based – wifi enabled and dynamic content deliverable capable holographic blades or HOLO BLADES.

Attention to Detail

Our clientele demands the highest quality results from us. Our expert team understands this and makes sure that our projects exceed our clients highest expectations. When we deliver our final product it has already had countless internal quality control checks. We know that our clients look to us to provide a professional level product and not waste time on sub-par project deliverables.

Our team will provide the best possible product within a given time frame and budget. We will never ask our clients to extend deadlines or budgets unless our clients change the scope of the original project. We are proud to have a 100% client satisfaction from thousands of clients over the decades.


Engaging Holographic Displays and Content

Beyond visual content creation and software development our team works with our clientele to improve their conversion rate. We will provide expert advise to engage your user’s in ways which in which you may not had even thought of.

Creating engaging holographic displays and content which provides the best marketing boost for our clients and is optimally set to engage your users based on localization criteria such as geographic, social and cultural specifications. Our past projects have targeted children, the elderly, professionals, college students, International and U.S clients, and much more.

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